Praxis Elementary Education Practice Test Questions

Below are sample Praxis Elementary Education (5001/5018) practice test questions from various areas of the exam.

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Praxis Elementary Education Mathematics Practice Test Question

The triangle inscribed within square ABCD has, as its base, side AD, and has a height of 6 cm. If the area of the triangle is 21 cm2, what is the area of the shaded region?

A. 28 cm2
B. 22 cm2
C. 18 cm2
D. 21 cm2

Praxis Elementary Education Science Practice Test Question

What is the moon’s position relative to Earth during a lunar eclipse?

A. The moon is behind the Sun.
B. The moon and sun are on opposite sides of the Earth.
C. The moon is between the Earth and the Sun.
D. The moon is at the zenith point.

Praxis Elementary Education Social Studies Practice Test Question

The edict that “no European power should seek colonies in the Western Hemisphere” comes from _____________.

A. Manifest Destiny
B. The Monroe Doctrine
C. The War of 1812
D. The Second Great Awakening

Praxis Elementary Education Reading Practice Test Question

An individual who speaks a language historically related to English may have an advantage in learning English as a second language because ___________?

A. the affixes of the individual’s first language will be similar to English
B. many words and roots are likely to have similar spellings and meanings
C. the individual may rely on his knowledge of etymology
D. the cultures using the two languages will be very similar is powered by Teachers Test Prep, the nationwide leader in credentialing exam preparation.

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