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Welcome! is a free online Praxis test preparation resource created by Teachers Test Prep

Here you will find free Praxis I and Praxis II Practice Test Questions, along with a complete list of answers and free video tutorials that teach you the subject matter knowledge and strategy you need to correctly answer each sample question shown. 

These practice test questions and video tutorials were created by our team of subject matter experts (most of whom hold a Masters or Ph.D. in their related field), along with credentialed teachers and test specialists, and are based on ETS's exact content specifications.

These sample questions and videos are intended to give you a clear representation of the difficulty-level you will encounter on the real Praxis Test, as well as insight into some of the subject matter and question styles you can expect.

You may access these practice test questions by clicking the links below or in the top menu bar above. 

Praxis I (PPST) Practice Test

Praxis II Elementary Education Practice Test

If you wish to take free, full-length Praxis I Practice Tests or Praxis II Practice Tests, you may do so on the Teachers Test Prep website (  The Praxis Practice Tests you will find there also include free basic diagnostics that will show you your likelihood of passing in each section and give you a breakdown of your individual strengths and weaknesses, so you'll know exactly what areas you need to study to be successful on the real exam.

You can also access more video tutorials like these covering every key area of your exam when you enroll in any of our on-demand Praxis Online Test Prep programs.

About the Praxis I PPST...

The Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) is comprised of three subtests: Math, Reading, and Writing.  While this is a basic skills test, it is also a test that requires a careful approach and familiarity not only with the particular concepts tested, but also with the way questions are written on the exam, and the common errors that can easily cost you points.  The math section, in particular, abounds with "answer traps"-- wrong answers that are designed to catch you if you make certain typical mistakes.  Our Praxis I Practice Test questions for this exam illustrate a few key examples of this.  If you want further help in all areas of the exam, we highly recommend taking a Praxis I Prep Class or Praxis I Online Preparation program.

About the Praxis II Elementary Education Test...

The Praxis II Elementary Education: Content Knowledge Test (0014/5014) is comprised of four content domains: Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.  It covers a wide breadth of subject matter within each of these areas, and demands a strong knowledge of the fundamental concepts within each subject as well as the ability to apply this knowledge to the exam with strong reasoning skills and test strategies.  Our Praxis II Practice Test questions will give you a snapshot of some of the common question types you are likely to encounter on the exam.  If you would like to learn about each of these subjects in detail, you should enroll in a subject-matter-focused Praxis II Prep Class or Praxis II Online Preparation program. 


Teachers Test Prep provides free, full-length Praxis Practice Tests, free overview Praxis Study Guides, and a variety of free sample Praxis Test Prep Videos that teach you the in-depth subject matter and strategy you need to pass the Praxis. 

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